Safety & Emergency Preparedness

As planners, we seldom deal with true emergencies at our events, but should one arise, don’t be caught unprepared. The safety and security of our guests and event participants is of utmost importance.

Start with These Three Steps

Know Your Venue

  • Schedule time with your venue manager to learn the building and the room in which your event will take place.
  • Ask to see emergency exits and walk to the areas to which guests would be directed.
  • Discuss emergencies that would require the building to be vacated, such as fire or bomb threats, as well as situations like weather emergencies that would require everyone to remain inside.

Share the Information

  • As the planner, it is important for you to know all of these details, but you may be too busy handling the actual emergency to assist guests.
  • Train your staff and volunteers on emergency procedures so they can assist guests during an emergency situation.
  • The more people you have helping, the better you can handle the emergency and still take excellent care of your guests.

Use Your Resources

Creating an Emergency Plan

  • Make sure you and your team have an emergency plan in place and have met with the necessary parties to communicate and review.
  • Building managers should maintain an updated and reliable Emergency Response Plan for each campus venue.
  • If you are unsure of the venue’s building manager or don’t know what questions to ask, consult the Emergency Response Guidebook or email the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for further information.
  • To prepare for smaller emergencies, download this Event Emergency Supply checklist prior to your event.