Protocol Assistance

We assist members of the Georgia Tech community by providing correct protocol for hosting or inviting high-level, international, or senior government guests.

We also provide campus standards and guidelines which should be used at all Institute events.

Event Protocol

  • As event planners, attention to detail and clean execution are paramount when creating a lasting impression or evoking a particular response from our guests.
  • Special Events & Protocol is in the process of collaborating with fellow campus partners to produce a standard set of campus protocol guidelines. In the interim, please consult our protocol resources for more information.

Visiting Dignitary Protocol

  • As Georgia Tech continues to expand our global footprint and influence, it is essential that we have an understanding of our diverse visitors’ needs and cultures, and serve as welcoming hosts and ambassadors of Georgia Tech throughout all of our interactions.
  • Each visitor and situation is unique, requiring its own set of guidelines, tips, and expectations. 
  • Contact us in the initial stages of your planning to discuss your particular needs and receive guidelines on cultural norms, appropriate gifts, flag placement, introductions, and other related issues.