Georgia Protocol Guide

The Georgia Protocol Guide is intended to serve as a resource, providing support for community economic developers, local officials and any Georgian hosting international visitors and dignitaries, planning an event, or researching and learning about protocol fundamentals.

Event Protocol

As event planners, we have the opportunity each day to provide unparalleled customer service and an unforgettable experience for every Georgia Tech guest. But planning events in the world of academia requires a balance of protocol, tradition, and the occasional costume.

Visiting Dignitary Protocol

  • As Georgia Tech continues to expand our global footprint and influence, it is essential that we have an understanding of our diverse visitors’ needs and cultures, and serve as welcoming hosts and ambassadors of Georgia Tech throughout all of our interactions.
  • Each visitor and situation is unique, requiring its own set of guidelines, tips, and expectations. 
  • Contact us in the initial stages of your planning to discuss your particular needs and receive guidelines on cultural norms, appropriate gifts, flag placement, introductions, and other related issues.