Police and EMTs

The Georgia Institute of Technology Police Department (GTPD) provides general security, traffic enforcement, escorts, and street or lane closures. All officers are CPR and first-aid certified.​

GTPD has eighty-four sworn officers. We have a Bike Unit, a Segway Unit, and a Motorcycle Unit. We have two K-9 dogs that provide bomb/explosive detection. The dogs are used to provide sweeps anytime there is a potential threat or safety concern. 

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When to Have a Security Officer Present

  • One officer is required for every 250 people whether the event is indoors or outdoors, per life safety codes regulations. Security does not have to be provided by GTPD, but all security companies must be licensed, bonded, and approved by the GTPD.
  • When alcohol is being served.
  • Whenever cash will be exchanged.
  • At an event where a high-ranking official or dignitary is present. GTPD provides dignitary protection and escort services for sporting events, press conferences, dinners, and award ceremonies, regardless of the size of the event.

When to Have an Emergency Medical Technician Present

  • An EMT is required at any event that has the potential for participant injury or harm (i.e., races, relays, events involving rides or inflatables, extreme outdoor events, etc.) or one at which 250 or more guests are in attendance.
  • The Georgia Tech Police Department can assist in providing an EMT for your event.
  • EMT presence ranges from a professional on foot to a two-person need with an ambulance. Discuss with GTPD the necessary coverage for your event.

Contacting the Georgia Tech Police Department

  • Once you have confirmed your event purpose, time, date, and location, your next step is to inform the Georgia Tech Police Department of your security needs.
  • Please complete a Request for Event Security form and Sergeant Archie Hill will be in contact with next steps to ensure your event is a success.
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Police Safety Tips

By Sgt. Archie Hill of the Georgia Tech Police Department

Sgt. Hill assists faculty, students and staff across campus with the security side of special events.

  • Expect the unexpected, no matter the size of your event.
  • Reach out to the venue prior to the event.
  • Check with GTPD and get them involved in safety coordination. 
  • GTPD should be notified if anyone of significance will be on campus. 
  • Attend the Event Logistics Committee, which combines all campus resources to assist you with hosting your event.
  • The sooner you start [planning], the better off you will be.
  • Be mindful and prepared if using the word “free” to advertise your event.
    • “Free” means opening your doors to all, and you may be overwhelmed by the response.
    • You may have to be prepared to turn people away.
  • Keep outdoor events as far away from sporting events as possible.

  • [During sporting events], all areas around the stadiums are considered control points, so tell your guests to plan ahead, leave early, and be patient.