High Profile Guest Safety

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Advance Security Team Tips

Always Involve the Georgia Tech Police Department

  • Once you believe a high-profile guest will attend your event, GTPD will begin planning their schedules to ensure the K-9 unit is available for sweeps, as well as other needed security protection.
  • GTPD is our expert for security questions and will coordinate a security plan with your guest’s security team.

Provide Agents with Event Details

  • By sending these advance event details, the visiting security team can grasp a broader picture of the event and craft specific questions for your meeting.
  • Include the following: event staff contact information, run of show, campus map highlighting event location, layouts of each building the VIP may visit.

Anticipate Last-Minute Requests

  • Advance security sweeps almost always happen a day or two before the event (or perhaps even the event day itself) and are usually scheduled less than 24 hours in advance.
  • Remember to anticipate this in your schedule and delegate tasks to other team members while you are on the sweep, if possible.

Collaborate with Campus Partners

  • The security team will most likely ask for items that may or may not be within your control. 
  • When planning your walk-through, always include as many of the event venue’s staff or other pertinent campus partners in the process.
    • These individuals can answer more detailed questions and provide solutions to issues immediately, freeing you from a litany of follow-up emails.