Marketing and Promotions

Branding Tips for Off-Campus Events

By Julie Hawkins, event coordinator for the Georgia Tech Office of Development

There are many options for incorporating Georgia Tech into any event: 

  • Stand-up banners to dress up a registration area or podium.
  • A tablecloth with the Georgia Tech logo.
  • A rolling slideshow of campus shots running on the projector prior to the presentation. 
  • A small megaphone and gold and white pompom on a table.
  • The Georgia Tech fight song playing over the speakers while people enter the room.
  • It’s not always possible, but having student representation at your event is a wonderful way to bring Georgia Tech into the room! These students can be in the form of a musician or group of musicians, Student Ambassadors, Buzz, or even the Ramblin’ Reck Club with car in tow.

Promotional Materials

  • Before you complete your web or print pieces, consult the Georgia Tech Visual Identity guidelines to ensure you use proper elements.
  • Institute Communications can help you develop customized, targeted promotional material. Contact your client manager to get started.
  • If using logos, you will have to work with Georgia Tech Licensing and Trademarks to make sure your vendor is approved and follows our guidelines.  
  • You can find a list of approved promotional licensees suppliers under Campus Departments.
  • The lower cost allows you to order an appropriate quantity for your event and to incorporate more personalization (date, location, names, etc.). 
  • Consider splitting your order with another department to maximize your bulk discount!