Marketing and Promotions

Effective event promotion is essential in ensuring your attendees are informed of all the significant details of your event. After determining your purpose, target audience, and budget, you can more accurately tailor your promotion to the needs of your event.

Branding Tips for Events

There are many options for incorporating Georgia Tech into any event: 

  • Stand-up banners near entrances, registration, or podium.
  • A Georgia Tech branded tablecloth at registration.
  • A rolling slideshow of campus shots prior to the presentation. 
  • A small megaphone and gold and white pompom on a table.
  • The Georgia Tech fight song playing over the speakers while people enter the room.
  • Having student representation at your event is a wonderful way to bring Georgia Tech into the room! These students can be in the form of a musician or group of musicians, Student Ambassadors, Buzz, or even the Ramblin’ Reck Club with car in tow.

Promotional Materials

  • Before you complete your web or print pieces, consult the Georgia Tech Visual Identity guidelines to ensure you use proper elements.
  • Institute Communications can help you develop customized, targeted promotional material. Contact your client manager to get started.
  • If using logos, you will have to work with Georgia Tech Licensing and Trademarks to make sure your vendor is approved and follows our guidelines.  
  • You can find a list of approved promotional licensees suppliers under Campus Departments.
  • If you avoid specifics like dates and locations, you can stretch supplies to multiple events.
  • Consider splitting your order with another department to maximize your bulk discount!