The ECN is made up of a group of more than 500 self-selected staff members from 90 different departments who are interested in event planning or expanding their skill sets at Georgia Tech.

The Event Leadership Team is responsible for the group's strategic oversight and direction.

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Joanne Dennison

Webinar: “It’s Best If I Do It” – Learning how to Delegate

Join Joanne Dennison, our 2024 workshop keynote speaker, for a webinar.

Ever get in over your head because you tried to do it all? It was easier to “do it myself” than explain or show it to someone else? Run out of time and not delegate it because it is the last moment and it is embarrassing?

Very few of us can (honestly) say this has never happened to us. In the professional (and volunteer) world, no matter how much we plan, things change daily, and as it gets closer to deadlines, hourly. Becoming comfortable with delegation, and developing a strategy do so, can be the difference between things happening effectively, and total chaos.

By attending this session you will learn:

  • That letting go and delegating is, at times, the “best” thing to do
  • How to get your mind in a place where you can delegate
  • How to decide what to delegate and to whom
  • How to manage the project you are delegating

Past Events

Tech Catering Town Hall

The ECN hosted a Town Hall with Tech Catering on Aug. 29. They provided updates to their menus and policies. 

2023 ECN Summer Boot Camp

This event featured our keynote speaker Karen Hilton for Mastering High Stakes Conversations 301: You Can't Handle the Truth (or Can You?) - Practical Steps for Mastery, as well as other event professionals from Georgia Tech.

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ECN Town Hall: Campus Catering Update

Panelists from Georgia Tech Auxiliary Services and Business Operations will review the new list of secondary approved caterers and updates to campus catering policies. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions regarding these updates.

Mastering High Stakes Conversations 201

In her recent ECN Workshop keynote address, Coach Karen unpacked the anatomy of High Stakes Conversations, providing a new framework to recognize the power of important conversations. Join Coach Karen as she teaches the critical elements of High Stakes Conversations: Acknowledgment and Validation. 

ECN Session: Event Tools for your Toolbox

Successful events are all about the details. Join Serena Wallace, director of Institute Events, as she shares new and updated templates, signage, and event planning tools to help planners not sweat the small stuff.

Setting the Stage with AV Services

OIT Team

Discover the most effective ways to deliver content to your audience through sound and visuals. Whether it's a small meeting or conference, this panel discussion will include experts to share best AV practices and tips for presenting your content in a hybrid, in-person, or virtual event.

13th Annual Event Coordinators' Workshop

Workshop Presentations

10 Tips on Managing Work-Life Balance
Candice Bovian- Program Manager, Georgia Tech Human Resources

How to Plan a Virtual or Hybrid Event at Georgia Tech
Jassen Ceci, Charlie Wright, Grace Battle, Jason Brewer- Georgia Tech OIT

Accessible Event Planning
Carolyn Phillips- Co-Director, Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation
Dr. Sheryl Ballenger- Manager of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation

Event Contingency Planning: How to Expect the Unexpected
Tarena Smith- Senior Director of Stadium Events, Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Student and Campus Events Centers Town Hall

Caitlyn Wine, Student and Campus Event Center Team
Learn more about campus’ new reservable spaces and other operations. Caitlyn Wine discusses the policies and procedures for new and existing campus event venues.

2022 ECN Bootcamp

Brand, Visual Identity, and Trademarks
Doug Goodwin, Institute Communications

Procurement 101
Erin Mitchell, Procurement and Business Services

Achieving Personal and Professional Success in Today’s Workplace

Sherry Ebrahimi, Director of Housing Administration and Conference Services- Emory College