Fire and Environmental Safety

The Georgia Tech Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for providing technical guidance, oversight, consultation, and training about public health, safety, and environmental protection. Many staff within EH&S partner with event planners to create safe, welcoming environments for our guests. 

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When to Alert the Fire Marshal

  • Fire Marshal Larry Labbe should always be alerted when planning any large events, outdoor events, those involving fire, or those staged in unique venues.
  • All tents and electrical setups must be reviewed and approved by the fire marshal.
    • Contact EHS at least 4 weeks prior to your event to schedule a walk-through during your event setup.
    • Remember to register your event in advance with EHS if you have a large event, an outdoor event, unique setups, or extensive electrical. 

Consider Electricity Safety

  • When electricity is needed for an outdoor event, a power source or generator is encouraged.
  • Please consult the extension cords guidelines for more information.

Contacting the Office of Environmental Health and Safety

  • Refer to the EH&S website to find information on services such as fire safety and insect control, as well as points of contact.