Menu Planning

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Dietary Needs

  • Ask if your guests have special dietary needs and clearly communicate special needs to your caterer.
  • Order a wide variety to meet the diverse dietary needs of those who are more health-conscious. Information on how to choose healthier options for events can be found at The Georgia Tech Healthy Meeting Guide
  • If your audience dominates a specific culture or religion, be sure to serve cuisine appropriate for them.  

Appropriate Food

  • Planning a lunch meeting? Opt for an easy-to-eat, fortifying lunch that is pre-prepared. If the meal is to offer a reprieve from a day-long meeting, consider a more playful meal that allows guests to customize choices (i.e. sundae bar).  
  • If coordinating a stand-up reception, steer clear of anything with bones, dipping sauces, shells, etc.
  • Remember to assess your space and time constraints and order food that complements each.

Food Quantity

  • Depending upon the nature of your event, you may have 5 to 15 percent attrition and can almost guarantee a few walk-ups. Discuss with your caterer the overage percent they prepare. 
  • Ask for a tasting so you can see the portions of food. For example, if you are hosting a lunch buffet and the sandwiches are cut in half, it is likely that most guests may only take a half of a sandwich.
  • Have you accounted for staff or volunteers who should also be fed? Be sure to include staff or volunteers in your meal count.