Audio/Visual Equipment

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A/V Equipment


  • Consider using uplights to change the feel of an indoor space.
  • Recorded events may require additional lighting to prevent shadows on the presenters.


  • Larger spaces may require additional speakers to allow guests to clearly hear. Inquire with your rental space about their house system.
  • When renting microphones, a mixer board is required to adjust volume.
  • Speakers may prefer a certain type of microphone (wired, wireless, or lav mic). Inquire with your VIPs prior to ordering equipment.
    • President Cabrera prefers a lav mic.
    • Don't forget to order additional mics for audience Q&A.

Supplemental Needs

  • Ensure you have an on-site A/V tech for your event to troubleshoot any issues.
  • For presentations, ensure you have a wireless advancer to assist your speaker.
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Equipment Providers and Resources


  • The Student Center has basic A/V equipment available for their rental spaces.

External Vendors

To find and view additional vendors, visit the vendor lookup page or contact the Special Events and Protocol Office.