Raffles and Prizes

Raffles, Door Prizes, and Games


  • A raffle is an activity in which participants buy a chance to win an item or service. For example, if I ask you to pay $1.00 for a ticket, which will be placed among several others, from which one will be randomly selected for a prize, this is a raffle. 
  • If you plan to organize a raffle, you must apply for a raffle license from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office at least thirty days prior to your event.
  • For more information on this process, visit the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office’s website.

Door Prize Drawings

  • Placing names in a bowl for a chance to win a prize, and no money is exchanged, is a door prize drawing. 
  • At Georgia Tech, door prizes are permitted and do not need approval; however they must adhere to the USG's Conference Giveaway policy. 


  • In addition to contacting local vendors for inflatables and novelty items, Georgia Tech students and staff can reserve a variety of fun activities from the Resource Garage, maintained by the Residence Hall Association.
    • An updated inventory list is maintained on their website, which includes items such as karaoke machines, board games, lawn games, and popcorn and snow cone machines. 
  • For outdoor fun, the Campus Recreation Center rents a variety of game equipment for daily or extended use. Visit their website for a list of available equipment and costs.