Spring 2021 Campus Events

As event planners, we have the responsibility of determining how to create safe events on campus. If your event cannot move to a virtual format, planners are required to follow our temporary campus guidelines for any gathering other than Georgia Tech academic classes or professional education programs (GTPE).

Note: These guidelines apply to any meeting, event, or gathering on campus that is not an academic class, non-credit courses offered by professional education programs (GTPE), or student and academic support services. Academic and instruction delivery resources are available at: https://provost.gatech.edu/coronavirus-response

Space reservations for rooms in campus buildings open Monday, Jan. 11. To allow time for students, staff, and faculty to go through surveillance testing, we encourage the use of virtual gathering formats at the start of the academic term. Therefore, it is advised that hybrid and in-person events should not take place until after Jan. 25. Registered student organizations (RSO) with in-person elements taking place prior to Jan. 25 should do so only in collaboration with a co-hosted academic or student services department before they can be considered for approval.

View the Spring 2021 Campus Event Guidelines.

View the Planner Resource page for available resources and best practices for events.

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Event Spaces

We strongly recommend that you plan in-person events in large outdoor spaces or indoor spaces that are pre-approved and have a dedicated event coordinator to ensure that proper health and safety protocols are followed. View the full list in the guidelines.

Tents are available throughout campus for staff, faculty, and students to use for outside events. View available tents on the campus map.

Reservation requests outside of these spaces must be approved by the Event Logistics Committee (ELC) to confirm their booking request. 

Review and Approval Process

All events will go through the spring event guidelines review process. Events that require a full review by the Event Logistics Committee must request their space at least two weeks in advance, preferably four weeks in advance. Information on the event review process is available on the Capital Planning and Space Management website and outlined in the full guidelines document. 

Student Events

Additional guidance is available for student events. View the full guidance and resources for student groups on the Student Life page.

Safety Protocols

Regardless of space selection, all events are expected to meet new safety protocols. To view the full list of safety guidelines, download the full guidelines document. Resources and tips for meeting these protocols are available on our Planner Resource page. 

Campus Building Updates

To accommodate new cleaning schedules and hosting smaller classes, many buildings on campus will have revised availability this fall. View the Event Management System for updated information. 

Campus Visitors

Departments hosting a campus visitor who is meeting with more than 15 people are responsible for maintaining information regarding who the visitor met with for a period of at least four weeks after the visit takes place.

Campus Resouces

Departments across campus are ready to assist with planners with any event modifications.

Environmental Health and Safety can provide PPE and hand sanitizers stands for events. To request supplies, complete their online ordering form.

Georgia Tech Catering is working with clients to provide flexible solutions that keep your guests safe and you within budget.  This includes offering enhanced health protocols such as attendants to serve buffet items or pre-packing your meals.  Call the team at 404.385.3609 to find the best solution for your event.

Georgia Tech Legal Team is available for any questions regarding cancellation or rescheduling fees in your contract. Be sure to include a copy of your contract in your email. We recommend calling your vendor first to see if they have made any policy changes. Contact the legal team.


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Campus planners participated in a town hall on Aug. 6, 2020 to ask questions about our new policy. Highlighted FAQs are below. Georgia Tech employees can view the full town hall here.

Should the event attendee number include event staff, caterers, or security?
If the staff member will be in the same space as the guests for the majority of the time, then yes. This would make them a part of your physical distancing calculations. Events often have staff members outside the event space for registration, setup, or security. Those individuals do not need to be counted, but must still adhere to physical distancing guidelines.  

Am I required to check a guest's temperature at an event?
No, temperature screenings are not required. They are one recommendation for health screening practices at an event.

What is the process of being invited to an ELC meeting? Do I need to schedule that?
Capital Planning and Space Management will reach out to you when you request space in EMS. Not all events will be required to present.

Can you define what qualifies as an "event"?
To slow the spread of the virus, we are looking at any function that has people gathering outside of class or professional education courses.

If someone has a high temperature, am I required to record it or report it to Stamps?
No, are not required to report it, We do encourage you to have information on hand about testing at Stamps you can offer the individual, but they are not required to take it. Planners cannot record an individual's temperature and should not keep any records related to this.

What about events where a Georgia Tech staff member is not present?
Campus Services has event facilitators who will be available to attend student events. More information will be available on the Student Life website soon.

How can we learn what are the new capacities for different spaces?
Planners can reach out to Capital Planning and Space Management (Maggie Nicholson) or their building manager to learn new capacities. We are working on updating EMS and the Special Events website with this information as well.

How far in advance should we submit an event for approval?
The sooner the better! We ask for a minimum of three weeks to allow the ELC to review the event.

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