Support Contacts

A/V Support

  • OIT AV Services – Can provide assistances for most classrooms and many meeting spaces across campus


Website Support

  • Web Team in Institute Communications can assist with any web-related questions to posting links on your site.

Livestream Event Questions

  • The Special Events team can provide guidance on platform choices and best practices for setting up a stream


Notify the team

Livestreams are handled by a team of audio-visual and web contacts from multiple Georgia Tech units. The members of the team change depending on where the event is being hosted. Consult with your building manager or event space coordinator to learn who manages AV services for the space. 


Enable video captioning

Georgia Tech is legally required to caption any video content used on its websites. Read more about Georgia Tech’s web accessibility policy.

For a list of reliable vendors for your event space, click the appropriate link below. For a longer list of transcription and captioning services and systems, please visit Video Captioning and Audio Transcription Service


Provide a link to your audience 

Rooms with built in streaming capabilities often can be streamed via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Confirm with your AV representative which formats are available. View our recommendations on streaming platforms as well as our virtual event setup guides.

If hiring a third party vendor, events can be streamed via YouTube with an embed link setup on a Georgia Tech webpage or the company can provide recommendations for streaming platforms. 


Test the livestream

We recommend a minimum of one test, if not more, prior to your event to ensure all equipment works and everyone is familiar with AV operations. Best practice is to hold a test one week out and, if time allows, a second test the morning of the event.


Wrap up

After your event, there are still a few more steps to take.

  1. If recorded, post the recording link to your website. Videos can also be uploaded to MediaSpace and distributed to internal audiences there.
  2. Consider sending your video out to be professionally captioned. Live or automated captions can contain errors. By having a video captioned after the event, you can increase your caption accuracy. 
  3. Delete any streaming embed links.