Second Year Speaker

Rising second year students at Georgia Tech are welcome to apply to be this year's student speaker at New Student Convocation on Sunday, August 20. 

One student will be selected by a panel of faculty, administrators, and students to share an inspirational message for this year's incoming class.


Applicants must be entering their second year at Georgia Tech and in both academic and judicial good standing. The spirit of the speech is to come from a second year, but students who have over 30 credit hours due to AP or transfer credit may still apply. 

Speech Requirements

The New Student Convocation speech is approximately five minutes in length. The message should be reflective on your first year at Georgia Tech and include words of wisdom for the incoming class.

Applicants must feel comfortable speaking in front of a very large audience. We encourage students to view previous speeches and visit with the Communication Center to help them prepare their speech. 

Selection Process

All submissions will be reviewed by a committee consisting of faculty and staff, who will select the winner.

Once selected, the speaker is required to work with the Communication Center during the semester and meet in-person with event organizers for final review prior to Convocation. Students do not need to be living on campus to qualify.

We will inform students of our final decision by Friday, August 4. 

How to Apply & Application Deadline

Students must submit a video of them reciting their entire speech. Speeches do not have to be memorized for the submission. 

Ideal submissions are a single shot of the student reciting their speech in a quiet environment and have clear sound quality so the panel can hear the student. 

The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 21 at noon.
New Student Convocation is Sunday, August 20. 

How do I submit my video?
Students are requested to send a link to the video file. Video files may be shared via YouTube, your Microsoft OneDrive, Google DriveDrop Box, or SendSpace. Please include your name and major and the start of your video.