Event Spotlight - Sibs Day

Sibs Day at Georgia Tech was created to encourage more family involvement in the spring semester. The Parents Program invited younger siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, and family friends of undergraduate students (ages 7-16) to visit Georgia Tech and engage in activities that were educational, spirited, and fun. Participants enjoyed eating in a dining hall, learning more about Georgia Tech through educational workshops, cheered on the men’s basketball team, participated in a community service project, and bowled a few frames with Buzz. 

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Who could forget Humphrey Bogart’s famous last line in Casablanca? Bogart’s character Rick Blaine gave us so many memorable quotes within the 1942 romantic classic, but his final one resonates most with me in reference to both my personal and professional life. While planning events here at Georgia Tech, I am continually inspired by how the development of “beautiful friendships” can significantly impact the outcome of my events and the guests’ experiences.

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