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Notes, links, videos, and handouts from past presentations, or other educational events.

Event Coordinators' Network Workshop Presentations

2018 ECN Workshop - Celebrating Ten Years of Event Planning Excellence

Welcoming and Inclusive Events 

Aby Parsons, Director, LGBTQIA, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Download Aby's Presentation

Tips and Tools for Successful Retreat Planning

Deborah Covin Wilson, Principal, Covin Wilson & Associates 

Download Deborah's Presentation 

2016 ECN Workshop - Innovation & Technology

Becoming a Productivity Ninja with Technology Tools

Tess Vismale, CMP, DES, Chief Event Executioner & Tech Evangelist, iSocialx

Download Tess's presentation

Social Media Action Lab: The Good, The Bad, and The Totally Interactive

Steven Norris, Social Media Manager, Georgia Institute of Technology

Download Steven's presentation

Audio Visual 101

Clinton Tyler-Martin, Senior Production Sales Manager, PSAV, The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

Presentation coming soon

Innovative Thinking Strategies

Adrian Klemme, Consultant, Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting

Download Adrian's presentation

You're Speaking Drupalese to Me: Navigating Web in a Technical Land

Eric Sembrat, Senior Web Manager, College of Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Download Eric's presentation

Promoting with Intention: Old and New Technologies That Can Make Your Event a Success

Kristen Bailey, Communications Manager, Institute Communications, Georgia Institute of Technology

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2015 ECN Annual Workshop: Every Event Tells a Story

What's Your Story?

By Katie Huie, senior manager of new product innovation at Elavon

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A Picture Says 1,000 Words

By Zach Porter, social and corporate photographer with Revelry Photo House

Download Zach's presentation

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

By Tim Barrett, sales manager at Bold American Events

Download Tim's presentation

Grape Expectations: Alcohol at Your Next Event

By Mina Holliday of Hop City

Download Mina's presentation

Alcohol Prior Approval: Details and Steps of the Process

By LaLeeta Pitts

Download LaLeeta's presentation

LOL, BRB.. Planning to Promotion: How to Engage Your Students

By Mallory McKenzie, assistant director of external relations, and Annahita Jimmerson, director of communications at Georgia State University Honor College

Download their presentation (coming soon!)

Thou Shall Not…The Do’s & Don’ts of Event Marketing and Communication

By Kelly Treadway, owner of EventCurious

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2014 ECN Annual Workshop: Designing a Successful Event

Designing a Successful Event

By Matthew Redd

Sample Social Media Plan

Sample Event Worksheet

Innovative Event Techniques and Ideas

By William Fogler, principal and founder of WMEvents

Download William's presentation

Special Events & Protocol Professional Presentations

2015 NAACO Conference

Strategizing for Success

By Laura Pusateri

Download Laura's presentation

Download last year's presentation: Building Your Event Community- The Formation of the Event Coordinator's Network

Get Your Tickets! Creating and Implementing Tickets at Graduation

By Serena Wallace

Download Serena's Presentation

2014 NAACO Conference

Building Your Event Community - The Formation of the Event Coordinators' Network

By Laura Pusateri and Serena Wallace

Laura and Serena's Presentation

2014 President's Summit

Event Planning at Georgia Tech

By Serena Wallace, Special Events coordinator

Download Serena's presentation