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Planning a Sports Related Event

By L. Renee Brown

Are you ready to plan a sports-related event that will always have a winning score? Here are a few tips and pointers to make this dream a reality.

Date and Timing

The first thing to consider is timing, so you can plan your event around a sport that’s in season or perhaps a particular sporting event.  

If your event falls on game day, consider hosting the event either before or after the sporting event and be sure your guests understand this. Point out that the event will tie into the sporting competition and work out the logistics of how you plan to get your guests to the sporting event if it’s prior to the game, or from the sporting event to your party if it’s after.

Invitation List 

Know who you are inviting. Understand your audience and their needs and possible expectations. Do they like basketball? Are they alumni? Did they participate in this sport as a student-athlete or do they have a child who does? Do they totally dislike the sport but want to support the team?

If possible, you must do some type of research on your guests. The Athletic Association and the Office of Development should have some information that could be of assistance.

Also, think of using your sports theme on your invitations. That will give your guests an idea of what’s happening that day and how they should dress.

Themed Food, Décor, and Fun 

Adding themed decorations and fun but simple games to your event can help get your guests ready for the big game. Consider having the caterer add food items to the menu that reflect upon the type of event your guests will attend. For instance, baseball/softball games are known for peanuts, sunflower seeds, and hot dogs.

Play a simple game like “pin the pitcher on the mound.” For volleyball games you can incorporate decorations like beach balls and small nets. Add a nice small “putting green” for miniature golf for fans who are coming out to support our golf players.