Supply Closet


Build An Event Supply Closet for $150

low vases

​Low Vases

  • Initial Cost: $10 to $20, depending on choices.
  • Upkeep Time and Cost: Minimum, cleaning vases between events.
  • High floral pieces add drama but may be expensive and prevent people from talking across the table.
  • Instead, invest in a few small vases that you can dress up with either river rocks or one large, dramatic floral. If you line up three to five square arrangements on a table, it can make a big impact.

A Black Linen

  • Initial Cost: $100 for plain, black linen.
  • Upkeep Time and Cost: $60, assuming it is professionally cleaned once per semester.
  • Most events have a check-in or registration table and having one linen on hand to make a clean first impression can pay off in spades.
  • To save on upkeep, you may be able to get by with cleaning the linen only once a year or wash it at home.

Cloth Napkins

  • Initial Cost: $20 to $40, depending on material and quantity.
  • Upkeep Time and Cost: Average. Will need to wash and iron between events.
  • These can be provided to guests as a napkin or used as a placemat to elevate a boxed lunch.
  • A little linen can go a long way, especially since many lunches come with only a thin paper napkin. 

Supply Closet Tips

Before you buy an item, ask yourself:
  1. Do I have space to store the item properly?
  2. Do I have a budget to maintain the item in repair and upkeep costs?
  3. Do I have time to maintain the item?