ECN Elections Homepage

The ECN is hosting elections to secure leadership members for the 2020 calendar year. Read the information below and consider nominating yourself or a colleague to a leadership role. During the nomination and election period, volunteer chair positions will also be selected. 

ECN Elected Positions

Leadership Roles

The Event Coordinators' Network votes each year for their three leadership positions. Results will be announced at the annual workshop in November. Leadership roles commit to spending 10 hours per month on ECN work.

  • Responsible for providing strategic leadership for the organization by working with the rest of the leadership team and executive board to establish goals, plans, and policies. 
  • Serve as the liaison between the Event Coordinators’ Network and Georgia Tech. 
  • In charge of coordinating the next year’s election process/selections. 
Vice President 
  • Serve as co-chair for the annual workshop.
  • Assist President with any additional needs. 
  • Assist committee chairs with any additional needs.
Communications Manager 
  • Responsible for recording meeting minutes, sending out all correspondence, assisting with creation of monthly newsletters, and promoting events. 


ECN Elections Schedule

  • Nominations period: August 19 - September 13
  • Voting period: October 8 - October 22
  • New leadership announced: November 12

Appointed Roles

Committee Chairs 

Committee chair roles will be appointed by new leadership after elections. The nomination period for committee chairs takes place at the same time as elected roles. Each committee can have up to two chairs. Committee chairs typically spend 5-10 hours per month on ECN work.

Workshop Committee Chair 
  • Responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating annual workshop, summer boot camp, and vendor showcase.
Membership & Specialty Events Committee Chair 
  • Responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating brown bags, member socials, and summer field trip series.
  • Responsible for recruiting and retaining members and promoting the Event Coordinators’ Network through New Employee Experience.
Professional Development Chair 
  • Responsible for events that expand professional development opportunities and seeking ways to encourage professional growth between members.

All chairs are responsible for organizing volunteers for their events and meetings.

ECN Advisory Committee

In lieu of signing up for an individual committee, ECN members who wish to be more involved are encouraged to join our new advisory committee. The Advisory Committee will meet once a quarter to advise committee chairs on event topics and sign up for volunteer opportunities at upcoming events.  Committee members are expected to spend 5-8 hours per quarter on ECN work. 

This group is open to all ECN members. Nominations for this group are open until November 15.

ECN Elections Requirements

General requirements to serve: 
  • Previous involvement with the Event Coordinators’ Network (additional details below) 
  • Willingness to dedicate the time required for the position you are applying for
  • Supervisors’ approval 
Specific requirements to run or volunteer for a position: 
  • President – must have served as a Vice President or Communications Manager, must commit at a minimum to the one-year long term as well as an additional three month transition time commitment to ensure success of next leadership team 
  • Vice President – must have served on a committee in the past two years
  • Communications Manager – must have served on a committee 
  • Committee Chairs – must have been active members
  • Advisory Committee - must be a member of the ECN