SMART Goal Planning

Each year, we all participate in performance review. It can be a difficult task to create goals that are SMART and reflect where we want to be in 2017.

Making Events Accessible

During our first 2014 Event Coordinators’ Network summer field trip, we visited the AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Resource Center.

Meetings for Cross-Cultural Audiences

One of the advantages to being in a university setting is that we are surrounded by different cultures.

Let It Snow

Last week’s snow closure was a great “what-if” scenario for event planners. If you had an event scheduled for that week, what would you have done?

Georgia Tech Student Ambassadors

As an event and meeting planner, you can only be in one place at a time, but there are always several things going on at once.

Event Emergency Supply List and Summer Break

As you may have noticed, we have been on a break for the past few weeks as spring events wrapped up and our calm summer began.

That Special Touch

Is it summer yet??!!?? We know you all have been very busy, as have we in Special Events & Protocol; therefore, our blog has taken a short hiatus until summer.

Stressed? It Might Just be Your Job's Fault!

Feeling anxious, irritable, and behind the eight ball? Don’t worry – you’re probably not the only one.

Equipment Rental 101, Part II: Linen Lowdown

In my previous post, I focused on the various table options available and provided suggestions on where to rent from.

Safety First

Planning events is an exercise in crisis management. When a VIP guest attends without an RSVP or a vendor arrives late (or not at all!), the problem falls to the event planner.


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