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Safety First

Planning events is an exercise in crisis management. When a VIP guest attends without an RSVP or a vendor arrives late (or not at all!), the problem falls to the event planner.

Equipment Rental 101

Typically, I’ve found in cases where I’ve had to rent equipment that the caterers or third-party vendors are able to order the tables and linens once they understand the event details.

Baffled by Raffles


Campus Interview: Sgt. Archie Hill

For this edition, LaJauna Ellis sat down with Sgt. Hill of the Georgia Tech Police Department. Sgt.

Forms of Address for Institute Leadership

Throughout the course of this upcoming academic year, you will most likely plan a myriad of events for various target audiences, where Institute leaders will be invited.

Back to School Classes for the Event Planner

Lower temperatures and longer lines in the Student Center can mean only one thing—the start of fall semester. Welcome back everyone!

Vendor Showcase

To start off the Event Coordinators’ Network 4th Annual Workshop: Rising to the Next Level with a bang, the Event Coordinator’s Council (ECC) organized and held a robust Vendor

Professional Organizations

To join or not to join? To certify or not to certify? Maybe you’ve asked yourself these questions.

How Are We Doing?

As we conclude our sixth month of blogging, I'd like to share our top three blogs from this year in case you missed them:

Why Your Boss Wants You to Attend the ECN Workshop

The Event Coordinators’ Network’s Fourth Annual Workshop: Rising to the Next Level will take place on Wednesday, August 8, at the Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech.


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