Summer 2021 Campus Events

These guidelines apply to any meeting, event, or gathering on campus that is not an academic class, non-credit courses offered by professional education programs (GTPE), or student and academic support services. Academic and instruction delivery resources are available at:

Guidance is in place for any events on campus or at events or programs sponsored by Georgia Tech for purposes other than classes, professional education programs, or department meetings.

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Space Capacities

We are returning to pre-Covid event guidelines with a few exceptions. Academic spaces hosting summer classes remain at 6 feet of social distance. Outside spaces, indoor event spaces, conference rooms, and classrooms used for non-academic purposes (e.g. summer camps) can return to full capacity. Please refer to the campus event reservation system to view a space's allowed capacity. 

Review and Approval Process

Only outdoor events are required to go through the Event Logistics Committee. Indoor events may submit an event for review to consult with campus experts regarding logistics and safety protocols. Events that require a full review by the Event Logistics Committee must request their space at least two weeks in advance, preferably four weeks in advance.

Safety Protocols

Face coverings are strongly encouraged for non-vaccinated individuals. Event staff and volunteers may not ask or require if an individual is vaccinated to participate. 

Campus Visitors and Sponsored Visits

Departments hosting visitors, including research sponsored visits, are responsible for maintaining information about whom the visitors met with for at least four weeks after the visit.

Recruitment Tours

Departments hosting recruitment events and tours must refer to the On-Campus Recruitment Program Recommendations documentation and must coordinate with the Office of Undergraduate Admission or Graduate Affairs for requirements and best practices.


Tabling may return to pre-Covid guidance. Food sales (including bake sales) and food giveaways are not permitted unless the group holds a health inspection certification.

Campus Resouces

Departments across campus are ready to assist with planners with any event modifications.

Environmental Health and Safety can provide PPE and hand sanitizers stands for events. To request supplies, complete their online ordering form.

Georgia Tech Legal Team is available for any questions regarding cancellation or rescheduling fees in your contract. Be sure to include a copy of your contract in your email. We recommend calling your vendor first to see if they have made any policy changes. Contact the legal team.


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