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Purpose of These Guidelines

The guidance below is for event activities that involve multiple individuals gathering in a single location on the Georgia Tech campus or at events or programs sponsored by Georgia Tech for purposes other than classes, professional education programs, or department meetings.

Last Updated: March 15, 2022

We will continue to update this document as public health guidelines change. Campus planners will be notified through the Event Coordinators' Network newsletter. Subscribe to our monthly communication.

Space Capacities and Social Distancing

On Campus Events 

All indoor and outdoor spaces have returned to full capacity. Please refer to the Georgia Tech campus reservation system (GT Events) to view a space's capacity.

Planners are encouraged to consider outdoor venues that reduce crowding and improve air flow. Planners are also encouraged to configure indoor spaces to maximize circulation of people and airflow. Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask or face covering based on preference and assessment of personal risk. 

Off Campus Events 

Georgia Tech sponsored events taking place off campus are required to follow all venue, city, and state requirements. No review by the Event Logistics Committee (ELC) is required. 

For questions regarding attending an off-site event, including travel restrictions, view the Procurement website

Review and Approval Process

Event Logistics Committee  

The Event Logistics Committee (ELC) will meet twice a month to approve outdoor events. Approval is required for select outdoor event space use, and requests should be made at least four weeks in advance to allow time for review. ELC approval is not required for indoor spaces, but planners may submit an event for review and consult with campus experts about logistics and safety protocol.

Learn more about the ELC on the Capital Planning and Space Management website.

Safety Protocols 

Required Protocols 

  • Communicate campus safety requirements with guests in advance.  
    • Planners can use language on Tech Moving Forward and official campus communications from the Office of the President when communicating with guests.
    • Ask that attendees perform the daily self-checklist prior to arrival. 
    Georgia Tech sponsored or co-sponsored events taking place on campus cannot:
    • Record temperature or Covid-19 test results as part of their check-in. 
    • Ask if an individual is vaccinated or require proof of vaccination. 
    • Require a face covering at the event. 

Recommended Protocols 

  • Create an event RSVP form that captures your guests’ names and contact information.  
    • Registered student organizations can use Engage for event registration. 
    • Campus Tickets is also an approved registration software.  
  • Consult with any external partners, vendors, or contractors to ensure they are abiding by safe practices.
    • Wearing proper PPE while prepping food.
    • Having procedures in place if a staff member shows signs of Covid-19.
  • Explain your health and safety plan to event staff and volunteers. This should include:
    • What to do if a guest is showing symptoms.
  • Post signage at your check-in table reminding guests who are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 to not participate in person and reminding guests that they are encouraged to wear a mask based on their preferences and assessment of personal risk.
  • Provide hand sanitizer and additional masks at check-in tables. 

Food and beverage 

  • Limit offering any self-serve food or drink options. Food and beverages may be served cafeteria-style. 
  • Individually packed grab-and-go food items are encouraged to prevent crowding.
  • Food must still be provided by a licensed business and follow campus catering and food service policies.


Campus Resources

Departments across campus are ready to assist planners with any event modifications.

Environmental Health and Safety can provide PPE and hand sanitizer stands for events. To request supplies, complete their online ordering form.

Georgia Tech Legal Team is available for any questions regarding cancellation or rescheduling fees in your contract. Be sure to include a copy of your contract in your email. We recommend calling your vendor first to see if they have made any policy changes. Contact the legal team.