Campus Space Reservations Brown Bag Review

By now, we hope you’ve read our post from last month’s newsletter or article in the July 20 edition of The Whistle announcing modifications to campus reservations policies.

Since we know it’s helpful to receive clarification when changes occur, The Event Coordinators’ Network had the pleasure of hosting Sharon Myers, campus space coordinator, at a Q&A session on Wednesday, July 22.

If you missed it, or have any additional questions regarding the changes, check out our list of the top ten tips for planning events:

Centrally Scheduled Classroom Space for Events
  1. New windows of time to reserve classroom space were announced. The per semester reservation windows only apply to classroom space.
  2. Students must book classroom space no less than three business days in advance.
  3. Sharon reminded attendees of a current policy - no food is allowed in classroom spaces.
  4. If planning a weekend event or events in classrooms after 8 p.m., facility fees may apply.
  5. If fees apply, Facilities must be paid prior to the event in order for it to take place. You will receive an email from Facilities providing payment directions. If you have any questions or concerns, please email
Outdoor Space
  1. In GT Events, you will find outdoor spaces under the new label "Request Outdoor Space - Large Events- 3 wks required"  (i.e. IC Lawn, Tech Green, etc.)
  2. To reserve outdoor space, you must do so at least three weeks prior to your event date. To request info tables, you must do so seven business days prior to your event date by selecting "Request Outdoor Space - Info Table," within GT Events.
  3. When planning an outdoor event, you will most likely be invited to an Event Logistics Committee (ELC) meeting. Held every other Thursday, this group comprised of campus partners and service providers will ask you to present your event to ensure all parties are aware of the details and have the necessary information to create a successful event. Prior to attending, Sharon will send a checklist and list of contacts to help you prepare. Interested in seeing an ELC meeting prior to presenting? Let Sharon know via email.
  4. Planners can find campus construction updates on the Facilities or Capital Planning and Space Management websites.
  5. When planning an event, Landscaping is notified; however, it's a good idea to reach out to them to confirm sprinklers will be turned off, the lawn will be cut, etc. It's also extremely important to have a rain location as a back-up venue space. 

Above all else, Sharon wants you to know that she is here as a resource and partner for you. She truly wants your event to be the best it can be. And if Sharon could provide one more tip it would be this - cancel your event space if you are not using it. This allows for resources to be adequately accounted for and opportunities for our colleagues to plan their events.