ECN Strategic Plan - Spring 2015 Quarterly Update

After a yearlong process of creating the strategic plan, 50 of our ECN colleagues are actively working to implement the four goals, strategies, and initiatives established in 2014. Each quarter, we'll update you on the status of the plan and inform you of future happenings that impact your organization. We thank everyone for their hard work these first three months, and look forward to continued progress throughout the next three to five years. 

Spring 2015 ECN Strategic Plan Progress

Goal 1 - Ensure the ECN is recognized, respected, and valued.
  • Creating a communications plan that will set the foundation for key messaging and strategies for our different target audiences 
  • Developing a one-page document that showcases the ECN's ROI, which will be shared with campus
  • Creating a private site for ECN communication 

Interested in working on Goal 1 initiatives? Contact Serena Wallace

Goal 2 - Develop an engaged and contributing ECN community.
  • Assessed current membership data and omitted duplicates/erroneous data
  • Developing an online database for members to input their own unique information
  • Identifying areas around campus with little or no ECN membership in order to develop outreach efforts

Interested in working on Goal 2 initiatives? Contact Nicole Little or Renee Brown

Goal 3 - Elevate the quality of Georgia Tech events.
  • Creating a protocol guide for events
  • Working on strengthening the relationships between event planners and building managers across campus, while discussing standardization of booking processes
  • Encouraging ECN membership to be a part of the employee performance process

Interested in working on Goal 3 initiatives? Contact Julie Hawkins.

Goal 4 - Provide an information-rich environment that fosters community, growth, and innovation.
  • Working with OHR to become involved in the New Employee Experience
  • Encouraging opportunities for information gathering at each ECN event 
  • Working on plans to develop an ECN scholarship 

Interested in working on Goal 4 initiatives? Contact LaJauna Ellis