Event Spotlight - Sibs Day


Sibs Day at Georgia Tech was created to encourage more family involvement in the spring semester. The Parents Program invited younger siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, and family friends of undergraduate students (ages 7-16) to visit Georgia Tech and engage in activities that were educational, spirited, and fun. Participants enjoyed eating in a dining hall, learning more about Georgia Tech through educational workshops, cheered on the men’s basketball team, participated in a community service project, and bowled a few frames with Buzz. 

Laci Weeden, director of Parents Programs and ECN member, shares her experience while planning the first ever Sibs Day.   

What we learned
There is a need for this type of program at Georgia Tech, and our      first year was bigger than we expected. We turned away about 40 people after registration closed.  Our target audience is 15–16 year olds. It was a long day for the younger children.
We needed more time for meals and the service project; additionally, we need to reorganize the check-in/waiver process because it took too long. Participants could print out waivers and bring them to the event; however, most did not.  We received waivers to utilize for the event from the Risk Management Office (Tom Provancher). 

Our successes
We had a goal of 200 to register and we had 299 participants. After the program, we heard several students say they wanted to attend Tech now. Our participants made 50 blankets for the service project. Parents’ feedback was extremely positive, and the kids said it was nice to interact with their sibling without mom around. 

To view the Sibs Day schedule, please visit the Parents Program website or contact Weeden at 404.385.3919.