ECN 6th Annual Workshop - Designing a Successful Event

Event success doesn’t have to be hard; you just have to be consistent and follow a few simple steps. In his informative and entertaining presentation, Keynote Speaker Matthew Redd shared his checklist for event success. Below, I’ve listed a few highlights from his presentation.

Create a communication plan

It’s important to plan out what you’re going to say, when you’re going to say it, and whom you need to say it to. It is easy to forget to communicate and run into issues later, which is why you should take the even easier step to plan it out in advance. Be sure your plan notes how you are communicating – flyer, email, twitter, etc.

Document everything

Remember that a picture is worth 1,000 words when setting things up. It is also a better memory keeper than your own mind. Take photographs of everything before, during, and after your event to help you mimic the good and correct the mistakes from year to year. In addition, create an event briefing that has all your event information in one location. Update the document as you plan and provide copies to other staff members who may assist in the event planning.

Acknowledge your volunteers

Prior to deployment, Redd ensures all his volunteers are well equipped with event collateral (maps, note pads, phone numbers) and easily identifiable. Having successful volunteers means giving them the tools they need and making it easy for guests to find them. After events, he rewards his team with promotional items such as blankets, bags, and chairs as a note of thanks. It’s important to keep your volunteers happy during all parts of an event, as we certainly couldn't run an event ourselves!