Game Day Events

The Georgia Tech campus comes alive on game days. From Bobby Dodd Stadium to the Campus Recreation Center, the campus is crowded with students, alumni, and fans of all ages parked outside for tailgating. Which brings us to two big concerns of hosting an event on a game day: crowds and parking.

Crowd Control
Areas of campus that are quiet during the week become crowded on a game day. I strongly suggest an inside location for events to secure your space and avoid being next to an unruly tailgate. Depending on game time, tailgates can start as early as 6:00 a.m. The Georgia Tech Police Department can assist in blocking off an outside space for you, but those cones may not mean much to a tailgater who has staked out that spot for the past ten years. Inside locations also come with better bathrooms.
In addition, you should always be mindful of your location, inside or out, with regard to foot traffic and noise levels. Fans are excited about Georgia Tech football. Most guests will understand this, but you want to avoid distractions when possible, especially at speaking engagements.

On game day, all of the parking rules change. Many of the parking lots on East Campus convert to Game Day Parking Permits to make way for buses, RVs, and large tailgating setups. Be sure you have secured parking areas for your guests that are valid on game day and provide plenty of space options. Event planners may also want to provide new directions to the designated lot to help their guests avoid Techwood Drive (it’s closed on game days) and North Avenue (highly congested on game days).
For anyone who has not attended a home game yet, campus is different in a good way. The festive atmosphere is contagious and excites fans of all ages. As a season ticket holder myself, I encourage people to attend a game to see what it is all about.