Events Web Resources 2.0: Blogs

Back in March, I did a blog post on Event Web Resources.  These websites are helpful tools, but not part of my daily read.  I keep a long list of blogs (professional and personal) that keep me entertained and informed. Below are some of my favorite events blogs. I hope many of these can find a way into your reader as well.


I find this blog so informative and inspiring. This blog is conference focused, but also covers some general practices that anyone can apply. It has changed some of my habits and provides great ideas for some of my blog topics. It’s a must read!


This is not an event blog, but covers topics that any event planner can use such as editing, PR, and presentation skills. You can receive updates in your reader or from a daily email.

Event Philosophy

This is the quality, not quantity blog. There’s only one post a month, but look for it be a good, thought provoking post that you are happy you read. Hint: The subscription post is at the very bottom of the page. Keep scrolling.

Event Manager’s Blog

This is another blog I thoroughly enjoy reading.  I feel like I am up to date on the events industry when I read this blog. It speaks to a variety of audiences (conferences to party planners), which is why I find this blog the most in-tune with the entire events industry.

Cvent Blog

I would feel bad not mentioning this blog, but I find it very hit-or-miss for higher education. Do not let me judge for you. Cvent is a leading authority in the events industry and deserves a look.

What blogs do you enjoy reading? What blogs would you like to add to our list? Add your response to our comment box below.