Serena Wallace

Special Events & Protocol Website Upgrade

On March 1, the Office of Special Events & Protocol unveiled their new website.

SMART Goal Planning

Each year, we all participate in performance review. It can be a difficult task to create goals that are SMART and reflect where we want to be in 2017.

A Presidential Experience - Hosting President Obama at Georgia Tech

“It’s the president.” I hope I never forget the moment the Office of Special Events & Protocol (Laura Pusateri, Stephanie Sigler, and myself) f

Let It Go

Let’s be honest — event planners are really hoarders.

ECN 6th Annual Workshop - Designing a Successful Event

Event success doesn’t have to be hard; you just have to be consistent and follow a few simple steps.

Event Space: Hyatt Atlanta Midtown

This August, the ECN Summer Field Trip Series concluded its successful run with a visit to the Hyatt Atlanta Midtown.

Today's Top Event Trends

One reason I enjoy the events profession is the industry’s constant change.

Why I love Mailchimp (and you should too)

Why I love Mailchimp (and you should too)

Commencement Demystified

Updated: March 2, 2015

Let It Snow

Last week’s snow closure was a great “what-if” scenario for event planners. If you had an event scheduled for that week, what would you have done?


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