Laura Pusateri

Meetings that Matter

Do you ever feel like you’re holding a meeting to schedule another meeting to discuss a meeting you previously met about?

Baffled by Raffles


Change is a Comin'

Isaac Asimov said, “The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change” — and I couldn’t agree more.

Engaging Your Passion

In the few weeks since the Event Coordinators’ Network’s workshop, I have spoken to several colleagues who are interested in finding more event opportunities across campus.

Forms of Address for Institute Leadership

Throughout the course of this upcoming academic year, you will most likely plan a myriad of events for various target audiences, where Institute leaders will be invited.

How Are We Doing?

As we conclude our sixth month of blogging, I'd like to share our top three blogs from this year in case you missed them:

Why Your Boss Wants You to Attend the ECN Workshop

The Event Coordinators’ Network’s Fourth Annual Workshop: Rising to the Next Level will take place on Wednesday, August 8, at the Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech.

Barrelhouse Catering Tasting

From time to time, we'll highlight some of the new services or products provided by our approved caterers and vendors so everyone can partake in the experience.

What Will You Have?

Just this past week at the Diversity Roundtable, our committee planned a very simple menu of deli sandwiches, fruit salad, and cookies.

Events Web Resources 2.0: Blogs

Back in March, I did a blog post on Event Web Resources.  These websites are helpful tools, but not part of my daily read.  I keep a lon


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